Thermal spray coating for your critical components.

Thermal spray coatings protect your critical components and extend operating times for your machines.
In addition to conventional HVOF sprays and atmospheric plasma sprays (PS) we deliver tried and tested coating solutions with the nanoHVOF®- technology we have developed.
Using nanoHVOF® we can coat inner diameters down to 80 mm.

Technology of the future - nanoHVOF®

Turbine blade

nanoHVOF® is a system comprising an ultrafine, spheroidized powder feedstock combined with especially adapted spray gun and feed technology.
We produce the ultrafine, spherical and dense powder particles in a controlled remelting process in our plasma-spheroidization system (PSA).
Carbide nanoHVOF®-coatings such as WC Co Cr 86 10 4 have excellent properties:

  • Very high hardness levels – puter coatings up to 1600 HV0.3 and Innenbeschinner coatings up to 1300 HV0.3.
  • 3 x higher resistance to abrasive wear compared to conventional HVOF coatings (tests according to ASTM-G65 and ASTM-G75)
  • Smooth coatings up t. Ra 0,5µm as sprayed
  • High shear strength – adhesion – up to 380MPa without cracking
  • High density – 30µm coatings pass 400h salt spray test
  • Comparatively low warming of the component
  • Precisely contoured coatings for complex surface geometries possible

Typical applications for nanoHVOF® technology include: gas turbines, extruder cylinders and screws, turbine blades, pumps and many more.